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Wednesday 23rd of August 2017
Bus from Tbilisi to Yerevan

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         In Armenia there are all types of public transport except trams. In Yerevan there is a metro which has only one line and 10 stations. One way costs 100 AMD (0.26$). Very convenient, fast and cheap. Working hours: 7.00am-11pm.
           Mini-buses go to all parts of the city from different mini-bus-stations, the cost 100AMD (0.26$)per one way, working hours: 7.00am-12pm.
           Buses go to some parts of the city from mini-bus-stations, they cost 100AMD (0.26$)per one way, working hours: 7.00am-12pm.
           Taxis are cheap and available 24 hours. There are many officially registered and non-registered taxis who can take to every part of the city or country. 1km costs 100-120AMD (0.25-0.30$) in Yerevan, and 150AMD (0.38$) outside Yerevan. The minimum price due to be paid is 500-600AMD (1.3-1.6$).
           Buses and mini-buses to other cities, countries and villages go from the bus-stations. Here’s the list of the bus-stations:
               1. Central (Kilikia) bus-station
               2. Northern bus-stations
               3. Intertown bus-station-close to the railway station
               4. Bus-station next to the metro-station “Zoravar Andranik”

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