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          Paragliding in Armenia: Paragliding in Armenia is new, but already very popular sport. Armenia has all the best conditions for this kind of extreme sport such as mountains and nice climate. The pilots are not so much, but they show their skills and professionalism in the competitions. People who want to try paragliding can have tandem flights which cost 48.000AMD. One of the leading pilots Armen Sargsyan owned a hostel which is called Hostel “Glide” where he is happy to host paragliders and people who are curious to visit Armenia.

paragliding armenia
          Cycling in Armenia: Armenia has very good conditions for cycling, it is mountainous country, has many hills, but cycling in the streets during heavy traffic is not convenient. It’s better to do cycling in more quiet places. There are some companies which give bicycles for rent. It will cost about 5.000-7.000AMD (13-18$)

Cycling in_Armenia

        Skiing and snowboarding in Armenia: in Armenia there are three skiing resorts-Tsakhkadzor (60km from Yerevan,1.850m above sea, the highest pick is about 3.000m), Sevan (60km,2.700m) and Jermuk (180km, 2.400m), where the amateurs of skiing and snowboarding can enjoy their time. Tsakhkadzor is the biggest resort, there are many cafes, hotels (expensive), ski and snowboard equipment rental points. Renting of skis or snowboarding with shoes costs about 5.000AMD (13$, without clothes). Ticket for the ropeway for whole day costs 10.000AMD (26$).
It’s easy to get to these resorts by car/taxi or by bus.



        Hiking: Armenia is very attractive for hikers, the most popular places for hiking are Aragats mountain (4090m), Ara mountain (2585m), Hatis ( 2520m), Ajdahak (3600m), etc.

Hiking Armenia


      Gym: In Yerevan there are many fitness-clubs (Gold’s Gym, ”Orange” fitness, DDD complex, Neptun fitness, “Hayastan” fitness club, etc.) which are open every day, offer many types of training simulators, and have different prices. “Orange” fitness also has tennis courts.

     gym armenia