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           Address: Yerevan, Armenia, Kalents st., house 16
       Our hostel is a private house and is located in Armenia, Yerevan, Galents str., house 16, postal code 0033, Tel.: +37410274027, +37493328322. 

        Hostel Glide is a 3 minute-walk from the metro station Barekamutyun, 20 minutes driving from Zvartnots airport (approx. 15km) and is close to the bus stations.Metro ticket is $0.14US (50 AMD).Bus ticket is $0.28US (100AMD).Taxis take $0.28-0.33US (100-120AMD) per kilometer.
          Here is detailed description of direction to Hostel 'Glide':If you take a taxi, you can ask a driver to take you to the Square Barekamutyun or Blur, the hostel is near Mergelyan Institute garages. The address is Galents. Str. , house 16, silver color gates. If you go by metroa) Go to the last metro station Barekamutyunb) Make a right turn upon exiting metro into underground marketc) Keep walking the circular underground market (you will pass 2 exits on right) until you come to the third exit on your right sight.d) The exit stair will come to a fork. Take the right stair and go up that street   about 40 meters(Hakobyan street)e) Turn left on the first alley and keep going up the alley until you see Hostel on the right side with 3 trees in front of the house. Push silver color gate open arm in. And here we are! Welcome to our hostel “Glide”.
       If you take a bus, you should go to the Square Barekamutyun, find Hakobyan street. If you go up Hakobyan street, you can find the directions as it’s described above in the point (e). If you go down Hakobyan street you should turn to right as soon as you get to the last alley before the stairs of underground and use the information given in the point (e).